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How to Float Through the Holidays with Ease

Before you say Fa La La the holidays... take a deep breath.

Seriously. B R E A T H E. ;)

Mindful breathing helps to realign your energy and release emotions. Did you know that learning a relaxing breathing technique can help you float through the holidays with ease?

One of the easiest techniques is Square Breathing. It's as simple as it sounds.

Imagine as you breath that you're drawing a square:

  1. Inhale up the left side of the square as you count to 4 (1 thousand one, 1 thousand two, 1 thousand three, 1 thousand four).
  2. Hold the breath across the top of the square as you count to 4.
  3. Exhale down the right side of the square as you count to 4.
  4. Hold the breath across the bottom of the square as you count to 4.

This is one cycle. Repeat the entire process (steps 1-4) four times for a total of 4 cycles. Repeat as often as needed throughout the holiday season.

This simple mindfulness exercise helps to re-center yourself, release stress and tension... allowing you to focus on enjoying precious moments with family and friends.

Happy Holidays!

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